7 Jan

9 Top Celebrations for Female Strippers In Ireland

Female Strippers for Top Confession box parties

When one thinks of Female Strippers, chances are a strip club comes to mind. But get ready to surprise yourselves. Or even better. Get your imagination out of its hiding spot and join us in the treasure hunt for partying opportunities that need the tender care of female strippers. Then prepare your confessions carefully. You can gather material for the full seven deadly sins package. Apologies, sloth will be left out as you will be running around like lunatics after experiencing lust, you know…female strippers.

Stag Party: Female Strippers are a must

No other occasion brings female strippers in Ireland close to the boys in green like a good old stag party. So you have the accommodation sorted. And the dinner and pitchers combo. Now how about the strippers that will bring that extra kick to the party? The options are more than you can imagine. A once upon prudish Ireland is full of female strippers that can put on an unforgettable show. And while the strip clubs will set you back a good few hundred, the private shows will come to the comfort of you venue for a bit more than the price of few pints per head. Don’t be stingy when you send off your best buddy to his happily ever after. Or unhappily masturbation on the couch. Who cares. It’s a stag party !

Obviously, the friendly smiles go hand in hand with the friendly female strippers. Or do you want your own private limo with a couple of strippers to pop the champagne open. Or maybe just crack open a cold one with their buttchicks.  Mark my words, the strip show that can make a stag party a success for the year to come…..and make the bride never speak to the organiser of the strippers ever again ……is just around the corner. Stag party + female strippers + vodka & redbull = Return On Investment for the years to come.

Stag Party Reunion: Female Strippers reloaded

This kind of male melee is new addition to the “mad parties” list. So you have done the stag. Had pictures taken with the female strippers sitting on the stag’s face. Then booked a male stripper for the bride-to-be just to keep her sweet. Equality, she is a bitch, but well worth the effort. Then got the photos off Facebook and Instagram. But how do you forget a night of mischief, laughter and elephant thongs. You simply don’t. So you want to do it all over again. Hit the bars, have a quiet pint. Find out who went off with the sluty bridesmaid. Pretend to be shocked when you find out about how boring married life is. Hit the shooting range. Walk the woods. So a good stag is only the beggining of many stag reunions to come.

And what was the name of the female stripper you got from us? Well give us a tingle and we will be on time thongs in hand.

Female Strippers for a Birthday Present

So your brother is turning 21. Surely he deserves a treat! So you get him a Big Beautiful Woman. She is the cutting edge of female stippers. She will treat him like a piece of dirt. Yes pure perfect humiliation. And jugs the size of Aldi watermelons. While he is receiving his birthday gift, you, his girlfriend, and his whole family watch the show. This is how you pay back for the time he borrowed your car and parked it nicely between two piles of brick that used to be your neighbour’s wall. With the type of female strippers that make a man out of a wuss.

Now, if your single uncle is turning 40, it’s different kind of female strippers you are after. Female strippers that are ballerinas and know how to warm up a heart of stone. With a smile and a motorboat to make Marbella tremble and Benidorm roar. Whatever the birthday, you will find female strippers that can wish your loved ones a very happy naked birthday.

Leaving Party

Imagine that your best work buddy is leaving the office. You have spent so many hours together. Most of all you have made each other’s days bearable. You have covered each other’s ass when you were late for work. You have helped each other out during the times that you were hungover and looked like dogs in the rain. And now it is the very last party before he heads off to some other adventure. Definitely, you’ve got to sort out something special for his last big bash. And make sure that all the other fellas know that you are the colleague that really gives a shit!

So you order at least two female strippers dressed like secretaries from the 60s. Not that today’s secretaries don’t know how to ramp up the temperature.

Biker Party

Every self respecting biker crew need a good naked intervention in their chapter house. Now all the lads and their old ladies are gathered for a BBQ and a spin. The weather is fine,  the engines roar.The smell of rubber , chops and gasoline fill the air. All of the sudden, here come the female strippers. The engines roar louder. The music sounds better when you have a perfect round booty swinging to it. Biker Clubs in Ireland can’t be left behind their American friends when it comes to partying. So they will rock and roll with style, fast wheels and female strippers are a must.

It doesn’t matter if you have a chopper or a moto cross. At the end of the day a female stripper makes the pistons pump faster once they land their perfect bodies on the the perfect bikes.

Builders Friday Night out

There is no better feeling than spending hard earned cash on making memories. The lads on the building sites will queue at the bar for doubles on a Friday night. Actually, the profession of a builder is one of the most difficult professions on earth. That is why a good party of builders in Ireland will have the added bonus of female strippers. It is also a tradition, to splash a bit of extra cash when a project is completed. So pints, steak, female strippers and a good laugh. Especially in Ireland, a country with a long tradition of builders, fun and revelling is always attached to the builders’ lifestyle. Life’s for living, work’s for earning and female strippers are for stripping.

Lads Christmas Party

It is the season to be jolly …..and the season for work christmas parties. You know the get togethers where you get very drunk and end up doing something naughty. Like hitting on your boss. Or drinking enough tequilas to bring Mexico to Ireland. Or being blindfolded with a thong from Miss Claus. Obviously we are talking about female strippers in the obligatory Christmasy attire. Short skirt and red thong. Jingle bell tassels on the nipples. Actually a brilliant idea is to hire a party bus with the sexy female strippers singing the Christmas carols completely out of tune. Simply because you don’t hire female strippers for their singing skills. Nothing like a few lads off their titts admiring a perfect pair of titts.

Female Stripper for the Champions

Every sports club deserves to celebrate a victory in style. Rugby clubs would hire a sexy hostess to welcome the lads home. Ireland is the country that has its own unique sport. The GAA is a lifelong commitment. While the rules of the GAA forbid strippers, boys will be boys and will get a couple of female strippers to celebrate the taking of the Cup. With nothing but impressive cup sizes . Actually a celebration of a victory  for the lads  will bring sportsmanship, beer, bottoms and bosoms in a well balanced night of absolute mayhem.

Just because….. female strippers are fun

That is the reason why every time a few lads prepare to hit the town in sizeable groups, at least one of them will pop the question. “Lads, let’s get some female strippers!” It is hard to resist the idea of a fully naked show. Likewise it is even harder to get a pub in Ireland where they will allow strippers. The venues will trust only well established female stripper organisers. Luckily there a few good female stripper companies in Ireland that work hand in hand with the venues. These well seasoned night creatures will organise anything from female strippers to party venues…even bring you paracetamol for the morning after.

Note : Confession box parties are parties that include some type of mischief that you will definitely not admit that you don’t regret.