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Best of Male Strippers in Ireland: Tour 2018

The Male Strippers Pack their Trunks

It is the time of the year that Male Strippers in Ireland and around the world take out of the trunk their Santa Costumes. In Christmas Parties and office parties,  male strippers will perform as Naughty Santas and even naughtier helpers. And empty their sacks …full of presents for all the ladies in the Christmas themed Hen parties.

Now, you might think that it is all over on the 2nd of January. Well think again. Every profession has its busy dates. But no profession is as busy as the Male Strippers in Ireland on the 6th of January. It Women’s Little Christmas  and the Hunks of Desire are as busy as the chipmunks before winter. And with each successful show, comes an even better afterparty. Will they survive this one?

The Hunks of Desire @Dolan’s

The Hunks of Desire, this fantastic, homegrown male dancing act is hitting the main stage of Dolan’s in Limerick on the 6th of January. 

The lads will bring the stage alive with a Magic Mike style full monty show .  This is an invitation to all the ladies of Munster, Limerick, and all over Ireland. Come over and celebrate Women’s Little Christmas in style.

Women’s Little Christmas is mainly a Munster Celebration. It’s the women of Munster, with that cheeky smile and the sparkle in their eyes that will fill the bars and clubs.

It’s a great night for Christmas Parties too. All the ladies that have worked hard during the Christmas madness can join forces ….and why not ? Enjoy a first class show delivered from one of the best troupes of Male Strippers in Ireland and Europe.

Elite Kissagrams wishes the best of luck to the Hunks of Desire….. and Dublin will be missing you !!!!!