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Cork Strippers for Stags in 2019

Cork Strippers don’t come easy

We don’t know what is happening lately with the Cork . Up to 5 years ago there were no girls stripping in the Rebel County. Stripping paint off the walls maybe. But girls stripping and doing all the right things that a Stag needs to get the lads in the mood for some serious self destruction…. zilch. Nowadays there are queues outside our office. Cork has brought together all the lads that need to party almost every weekend in 2019. We have a long list of strippers and will provide you evidence of a money and time well spent if you give us a tingle.

Elite Strippers Ireland

Elite Entertainment is the go to solution if you are looking for lap dancers in Cork. All the dancers are vetted and professional performers. We don’t waste time with newbies as we have a strong network in the strip tease world. Our girls stripping in Cork are part of the home grown talent, but also international strippers. We have strippers for all your stag party and birthday party needs. Apart from the wide variety in costumes and styles, we make sure to cater for all the ages. Sweet and tender performances for the granpa and rough and and ready lapdances for a 21st birthday party. Every Stag party deserves  a highlight and with our strippers Cork can definitely provide that.

Strippers for Cork and county

Cork City is ideal for Stag parties. Our Strippers are available in all the gorgeous towns around Cork, Kinsale, Blarney, Cobh, Midleton. If you are on a Cork Stag, Crane Lane Theatre and Voodoo Rooms have a good bit of fun in store for you. Maybe you want to stretch your feet. The Lee Fields are a a haven of virgin nature, about the only virgin thing still left. Or you can try some virgin Midleton Whiskey in the Jameson Experience Museum. How about the butter museum? Cork is full of surprise and genuine locals. Our ladies will make sure that the guest of hounour will need more than a night cup to sleep that night.

We can offer a ‘heart attack@ after the whiskey and the butter tasting? Delivered promptly from one of our Cork Strippers . Are you up for the game.
Book them now  & here

Sligo Male Strippers – Hens’ Boredom Therapy

Sligo Male Strippers for the perfect hen

Just when you thought that your Sligo Hen Party was going to be only wellies and cupcakes…. we thought of Sligo male strippers.

First, let us explain why you should choose Sligo for your Hen Party. OK, You will probably think that we will focus on the Hen Party Strippers. Actually our performers in Sligo like this amazing town because of the long list of nature based activities. Surfing, Hiking, trekking and rock climbing are perfect ways to keep fit and also have fun. For our dancers Sligo is a joy to work in. They can go for a dip in the Atlantic in the morning and strip away to their hearts delight in the evening.

Camera – Sligo Male Strippers – Action!

Since every day of one’s life is like a serial, the best episodes have to have the most laughter. So, when you arrive in Sligo, you will probably stroll around town and visit the small boutiques and have a bite. Lion’s Cafe and Bake shop is the usual coffee stock up point. Then with light steps, the Hen party can explore the countryside. Fun Ball or golfing will definitely add some spice to the day. How about surfing?

While in Sligo for your hen, braving the waves is a must. And if you think that you will need to pack a ton of equipment, think again. Strandhill Surf School will amaze you with the choice of classes for all levels. Our Sligo Hen Party guide definitely will include a visit to the Yeats Museum. sligo Male strippers come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common. They are drop dead gorgeus. 

Then you need to contact Elite Entertainment. As the brand name suggests, elite male strippers in Ireland will provide you with a long list of options for your male strippers Sligo calls their mascots. 

Venues and male strippers in Sligo

The Garavogue Bar has a few hidden corners for your Hen Party male dancers. They will arrive disguised as Firemen, Policemen, Cowboys, or surfers. Next thing you know the Bride to be is dying with embarrassment as the stripper performs a lap dance for her in front of the flock of hens. No hen coop will be left untouched, and the quality of the performance will leave you with your mouth open. Thus, keep you glass close to you. We would hate to see you dehydrated.

Contact Elite Entertainment for the best male strippers Sligo has to offer here

Carlingford Strippers

Guess who is coming to your stag ….. Carlingford Strippers Surprise

Just a weekend away in Carlingford. Both Northern Ireland the Republic of Ireland support this coastal town of fine natural beauty every weekend. Our stag parties march through the medieval streets of Carlingford to enjoy cold pints and adrenaline rushes alike. But before heading to Carlingford there are few things you need to take care of. Obviously top of the agenda is the stripogram for the groom. Then you need to take care of accomodation places to see, rivers and shores to explore. But first and foremost the strippers in Carlingford.

What to keep in mind when booking strippers in Carlingford

Strippers in Carlingford are exotic dancers that work in Dublin and  Belfast strip clubs already. Most of them leave in the vicinity so distance is not an issue. We have a full database with amazing beauties that have charm, professionalism and a ton of booty on offer. So do expect a top notch performance with a fully nude show included. At the same time they are professional performers so they will on time and they will have driver with them. Therefore behave yourselves or the show walks away.

Expect to have a good choice of performers and outfits. You can think of the outfit that suits best the show for the future convict. Our Carlingford Strippers will proudly wear your County Jersey of even wellies and an overcoat if that is your cup of whatever.

Choosing a stripper for your stag in Carlingford has never been easier. We will send you photos of the performers and book a venue for the performance. Now, bear in mind that some venues charge a fee. In most cases for big groups of stags there is no charge. Actually Carlingford bars are pleased to see a group of lads with a drinking problem through their doors. The best pubs in Carlingford are PJ O’Hare’s, Ma Bakers and Taffe’s Castle. The latter is very popular with hens, wink-wink nudge-nudge. You can roam the the streets on the big night out and wear off the hangover the next day in the fresh air of the Cooley Peninsula.

Why not go mad with a Lesbian Show

The spicy variety of strip shows, involves two ( or more) strippers performing for the groom. This is a half an hour affair with steamy moments made for dodgy videos on Whatsapp groups. A bit pricier than the ordinary stripograms, if you have forked out a fortune for a night in a 5 star hotel you can also afford an unforgettable trip to titillation land.

Book the best strippers in the Ancient East.

Westport Strippers

Why hire Westport Strippers for your Stag

If you are looking for locally based amazing looking Strippers Westport offers a winning package. Just ask any of the stags in Westport for their feedback. You might think that Westport is good only for the fine dining seafood restaurants, or skinny dipping in the Atlantic. Think again!

Westport offers a nightlife that Dublin is jealous of.  The beauty of Westport is that you can nurse your hangover with the fresh breeze waking you up. And at the same time you can party all night long. Indeed the licensing laws are much more flexible in places where there is a only one Guard and he drinks in the same pub as you do.

Westport is a cosmopolitan town that attract a lot of artists. Tattooed ladies with a thing for S&M could be your neighbours during your Stag party in Westport.  And guess what? Free spirits freelance…and free dance! Well not for free really. But we have professional strippers that will be well worth your extra couple of rounds in the local bars.

Hire Professional Westport strippers for your special event on the Atlantic coast.


Strippers Birthdays | Show girls celebrate

Strippers birthdays never fall on a weekend

It is obvious that strippers birthdays are important events. You might think of other special days that you would like include in your calendar. Like the birthday parties of your favourite car mechanic or hairdresser. But no other parties guarantee the levels of mayhem that strippers birthdays pack in. Sadly, Strippers birthdays have to be celebrated on weekdays. On weekends these industrious ladies will dance and take their lace off for other humans that will celebrate their birthday. Get a stripper for your birthday they say. Nothing says happy birthday like a sexy female stripper popping out of the birthday cake. Since human sized birthday cakes don’t come cheap most best friends will order just the stripper. But back to our exotic ladies.

Beware of the creatures of the night

When a stripper has her birthday chances are the party will attract all the night owls. People that start their day in the afternoon and live by the night are by far much more interesting. Most follow the 9 to 5 path. The attractions of a life style that starts at 6 am in the morning are tangible. Yes by going to the gym and living a predictable lifestyle one will have lunch at 12, and get the bus home at 5.30 pm. On the other hand those that work in the night jobs, are getting ready to face the world at that time. Strippers are the delight of the nightlife. They combine fashion, music and beauty in one irresistible package.

When Elite Entertainment throw a birthday party they definitely go above and beyond. Our ladies are the apple of our eye and the creme on the Irish coffee. Strippers in Ireland have some partying traditions that tend to bring smiles to the faces of the participants. Let me take you to the land where poles are lubed with vodka and the freckles shimmer under the strobe lights.

There is a massive party

In Ireland strippers are familiar faces. If you went to Vegas you would probably not know all the strippers by their name. In Ireland you do. The Emerald Isle is a smaller country with less strip clubs than the average European or American metropolis. But this simply means that everybody is invited. The strippers birthdays will be on the bill boards of their favourite club, and the whole club will line up to wish them a happy birthday. Stripper agencies and strip clubs alike use these occasions to spread a feeling of euphoria throughout the club.

No queuing for the clubs

In the case that strippers in Dublin or Cork decide to go out, the red cordon is always removed with a smile. Bouncers love strippers, so there is no queuing outside the clubs. Even late nigh restaurants and hotel lobbies, will try their best to please the ladies of the night.

The dance floor is on fire

“Big Fish, little fish, cardboard box”  …. who remember this boring dance routine that keeps popping up on the dance floor. There is nothing wrong with simple 2 step dances to have fun, but not when you are partying with strippers. They will dominate the dance floor, for sure. At the same time some onlookers will get in trouble with their better half. Definitely not with the strippers though. They love the attention.

Strippers back Strippers

Just like wolves that hunt in packs, strippers party in packs. Whenever a strippers birthday is on, most of their work mates, will leave their night duties earlier than usual. Most of the girls know each other pretty well. In professions where team work is the bread and Nutella of the business, people form close relationships. Naturally, in times of celebration, even strippers that would normally be very competitive drop the attitude and have a dance off together. Just when one least expects it, the birthday party will turn into a full on dance show.

There is alcohol to fill the Trevi fountain

When strippers birthdays are in full flow, there is no lack of the bubbly stuff. There is no luck of the shots variety either. For we are all alone in this mad dance routine and alcohol makes the best friend for those who share space but not hearts. But yes, booze is the thing and the fuel of the party. For dancers, burning off those fermentation based calories, was never a problem. Make it rain they say. And it does rain.

Presents of all shapes and sizes

Naughty paraphernalia is what you find inside the colourful wraps. Finding presents for strippers is not easy. But as most of their friends work in the industry of erotic enlightenment they are well able when it comes to finding those unique wowing items. Crystal heels and lace blindfolds, expensive watches and timeless shinny object. What strippers love most though is the colour green. And both 100 Dollar and 100 Euro bills share that beautiful colour.

Male stripper surprise

Just to make things a bit more interesting, most stripper agents would hire a male stripper to perform on strippers birthdays. As a result, laughter and jokes are part of the grand finale. What happens when the shoe is on the other foot? The Ladies do enjoy the attention and tit for tat stripograms are not uncommon.

Being a stripper in Ireland is not the easiest job ever. But it is rewarding in many ways. Celebrating one’s birthday in a style that only celebrities can afford, is one of them.

Strippers in Ireland – The survival guide

Strippers in Ireland teach Harvard graduates

As all good things come to an end, so does the career of strippers in Ireland. But what have they learned apart from climbing poles and doing back-flips with no strings attached? It comes to no surprise to those that have worked in the stripping industry that the most admirable skill they develop is hustling. Hustling has a negative ring to it. At least in the English speaking countries west of the States.  At the same time most strippers wear the hustler t-shirt with pride. In the States, from the Hustler magazine to the Wolf of New York the term hustling is synonymous with success and bravery. At the end of the day, the hustler, be it a stock broker, a second hand car salesman or a stripper needs to make money ..and fast.  The reason why strippers can teach the art hustling better than anybody else is simple. Because they know how to do it with no clothes on.


Confident like strippers

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about strippers in Bronx or strippers in Ireland, the main trait is confidence. People don’t buy services because they like the services, but because they are charmed by the provider of the services. So strippers can teach you how to be confident in the business environment. You might have the best ideas but how do you sell them to others. Strippers have mastered the art of pitching their services in 10 sec. Forget the 3 min elevator pitch. Walk into a room like stripper with brand new boobs and the deal is yours.

Great listening skills

In business you have to listen in order to learn about your prospective customers. The Japanese came up with a whole system. It is the Lean Six Sigma System and is focused on the “Voice of the customer”. It was developed by Toyota systems in the 80s with great results worldwide.  But the strippers have their own version. It is called  “once you have’em keep’em”. Both systems make sure to create a repeat customer. Toyota wants people to keep sitting in their driver seats and strippers want the clients to keep asking them to sit on their lap. But listening and connecting is key in both systems.

Strippers in Ireland don’t talk about the weather

Strippers in Ireland don’t complain about the weather. They find straightforward ways to remind the lads that both sides can make the best of their time. When we speak in marketing about the Unique Selling  Proposition we focus on the explanation of  the benefits of that proposition. Strippers know how to deliver all that with one move. They appeal to the emotional side of the customer. That’s where motives and intentions coincide.

Time is money …but the night is always young

Strippers in Ireland will belong to different business models. Strip club strippers and agency strippers. In the first case they perform in the set up of a club. As a result they need to promote themselves within the time frame of the opening hours. This makes the competition among the girls pretty fierce, but they also need to behave professionally and not disturb the positive vibes of the club. When it comes to agency strippers  they also need to make sure that they make the best of their show time. But here there is no competition and the floor is theirs.

Strippers always ask for tips

When you are about to seal a deal, you need to make sure that you have offered enough options for further sources of income. As strippers say, “I will show you an extra something, once I get another green guy on the string”. In other words, if you come out of the business school and you are afraid to ask for money you should join the army instead.

Above and beyond..how the wow the customer Las Vegas style

It’s good the impress the customers with ones presence. Another wise strategy is to keep something in your back pocket. Maybe having a perfect body will draw the attention of the crowd. But when a stripper knows that her voice can achieve much more than her booty, she leaves the words for the lap-dance. It is the amazing ability of professional strippers to keep impressing their clients that Harvard graduates should focus on.

Be able to sense trouble… money is not everything

Strippers in Ireland are lucky in this respect, as clubs and agencies here have very strict rules. Generally in Ireland people don’t suffer fools easily. Which makes things simple with regard to disrespectful customers. But in the forgotten strip clubs of the American highways, the ladies develop a sixth sense. If your gut feeling tells you that you are dealing with a dodgy deal, walk out there and then. Life is full of opportunities and money is not everything. But how to recognise a bad deal. Well strippers learn from other strippers. If the older strippers stay away from a client with a dubious profile, then the rest of them just follow suit.

Revive reboot hustle repeat

Stripping is not an easy job. Long hour on heels, noise pollution,  strobe lights and constant hustling take their toll. Successful strippers can easily teach young stock brokers how to stay healthy and persevere in adverse conditions. Looking good and being in a good mood all the time is not natural. It is something strippers have to learn fast in order to thrive.

Innovation drives the business

Strippers in Ireland and all over the world are able to make a living by promising an image which they can reinvent as needed. While the human body has not changed, the way humans perceive each other changes all the time. Indeed strippers in Ireland are in touch with the latest fashion trends. Simple example: nose rings. Before they became hip, they were part of S&M stripper outfits. We could go on forever, but the essence is simple. You could sell the same services over and over again, as long as the perceived value is higher than the price you offer. And that’s where innovation is everything. Strippers  can create a whole different performance and persona every week. They can surprise the audience and themselves. Or keep the same theme but change the audience.

In any case if strippers can deliver success in stilettos and bare booty then anybody can. And in the words of the Wolf of Wall Street

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”



Elite Male Strippers Top Hen Party Destinations in Ireland

Hen Party Destinations in Ireland

Irish Male Strippers have the X-factor, anywhere, anytime!

Hen Parties turned into a multi-million industry almost overnight. Actually within 5 years . It was about 5 years ago that the recession was still in peoples’ pockets. Hen Parties were more like house parties and a pub crawl in the local pubs was wiser than a trendy weekend in Carrick on Shannon or Carlingford. The dynasty of the Hen Party organisers was still in its infancy. Then the recession didn’t really go away, but the bad mood did. With the mini boom that Ireland is experiencing came the Hen Party packages, the pampering weekends and the male strippers.

When we think of Hen Parties  we do think of a some kind of a session. More than that we think of ways to entertain the ladies. As male strippers we tend to take the place of the grand finale in the grand scheme of things. So what kind of Hen Parties are the ladies of Ireland organising in 2019? Well the kind that involve prosseco, male strippers and some type of goofing around. Below you will find the top locations that are trending this year.

The big Hen Party bash with Dublin male strippers

Male strippers in Dublin are the ones you need to talk to about your perfect Hen Party in the Capital. Indeed, Temple bar is really for the Hens from abroad. The north and the south of the city offer a multitude of places to get merry and take an easy stroll in the suburbs of the city that fought an empire. Not that hen parties miss that battle feeling. Either in Howth or Dun Laoighaire you can hire male strippers that will put on a show that will make all your friends jealous. Dublin is all about the city lights and the trendy restaurants. Maybe you want to make the best of your time in the city and enjoy a live concert in the 3 Arena. Other options include Hen party classics like Life Drawing sessions and spa treatments, make-up masterclasses, cocktail-making or a few rounds of golf on a sunny day.

The hen party in the Wild wild west: Galway Male Strippers recommend

They call it the Wild Atlantic Way. By far the best marketing idea in the Irish tourism scene since the Knock Shrine. The roads were always there and the scenery is indeed wild. So all they had to do is sign post the trips. As a result tourists started flowing and the quiet country roads of County Galway, Connemara and Westport filled with eager explorers. The Hen parties choose this area mainly for the breathtaking nature. But the male strippers you will find in these parts of Ireland are a bonus you can’t miss. Part-time surfers and athletes, with a flair for dancing and egos to pamper, they are the ideal parting gift. You can easily hire male strippers in Galway or Buff Butlers in Westport. Why not add a touch of madness to your otherwise civilised affair?

The Kilkenny Strippers & the brewers daughters

Kilkenny male strippers are an institution in this city that gives Magalouf Hen Parties a run for their money. Hen Parties arrive here to combine the relaxed atmosphere of a mediaval town with the hardcore partying of the Spanish coastline. The town is home to well over 100 pubs. As a result, the breweries of Kilkenny have a stage that allows them to impress the customers very close to the source. O’Hara’s and Smithwick’s have their home in the marble city and they offer great guiding tours.

Yes, the hurling, the pubs, the castle, more pubs; these are some of your favourite things. Just as the sun goes down, the hen parties will storm the town and the phone lines of companies offering male strippers in Kilkenny will catch fire. 

Carrick-on-Hen: Carrick on Shannon male strippers file for retirement

Carrick-on-Shannon is one of the party towns that the recession forgot. Maybe because this enclave of party heads had the best set up. On the other hand, it did offer value for money for a good while. When the rest of Ireland was struggling to make ends meet, the Carrick-on- Shannon venues were full. Nowadays expect hen and stag party pricing, but also a might craic agus ceol experience.

As the town offer great packages the combine accommodation and activities it is a one stop shop for those that want to escape the city for a quick break. Hen Parties have the option of cruising in the Shannon or flying high in the likes of Murtaghs bar. While the results may vary the male strippers in Carrick on Shannon will make sure that you have the photo evidence you need to prove that you had a smashing time. That and the credit card bill. Both options are highly Instagram worthy.

Cork: Magic Mike with a Cork Accent

Male strippers in Cork are held in high esteem. There is no Women’s Little Christmas or Mother’s Day that doesn’t feature some type of male strip show. The Ladies of the Rebel City, have a rebel attitude. So, if you are visiting Cork for a Hen Party make sure to book these essential services in advance. Since there is nothing that says ‘hen party’ better than a full monty show in the basement of an overcrowded pub, you gotta have one. He is going to be the surprise for the bride and the round of shots will probably cost you more than his stropogram. Make no mistake, Cork is not a cheap city to party in. The prices are very close to those of Dublin, especially if you choose any of the mainstream clubs. On the other hand, you will love the small, music free pubs that offer better prices and better atmosphere. Our male strippers recommend a bit of both. Easy going watering holes to hang out and chit-chat and jam packed live venues to dance your socks off.

Limerick Male Strippers for the Munster Ladies

Limerick has a bad reputation, but that was in the past. Angela’s Ashes tells the story of a city where rain, unemployment and trouble are the main things that one can find. The rain is still there, but the rest is fairy-tale material. Limerick is a small cosmopolitan city with a lot to offer to the travelling Hen parties. Hotels are more affordable then other cities and the pubs and clubs a bit more relaxed. The levels of acceptable mischief are higher than in other cities in  Ireland. This is due to the proud tradition of partying till dawn, that some Limerick Pubs still honour. If you are lucky you will experience the lock-up, which means that everybody stays in the bar and they drink till the sun comes up or the bar runs dry.

Carlingford: For the classy lassies that like to behave like royalty

Male strippers in Carlingford will definitely entertain your wildest desires. In this case we are talikgn about intricate outfits and impromptu strip shows that involve two, three or a whole crew of male strippers. Carlingford is popular with Hen Parties from both sides of the border. Here the Hen will find quaint cottages and their trekking boots will take them to the coastline of Carlingford Lough. Maybe a bubbly reception with Buff Butlers in the Taffe’s Castle is on the list? Who knows? In any case male strippers in Carlingford are not hard to find.

Limerick Male Strippers …..not only for hens

Limerick Male Strippers for any Ladies’ Night

Limerick Male Strippers have performed for any occasions where booze and women celebrating come together. From 21st Birthday party stripograms to pretend topless bouncers and buff butlers for 18th Birthday parties. Not to mention the time they had to serenade a 80 year old granny dressed as Frank Sinatra look alikes.

What about other occasion that ladies in Limerick and and County can call our sexy men. The professional male strippers in Limerick have noted the following ladies’ nights that have asked for their services:

Hen Parties in Limerick

Limerick Male Strippers can surprise your bride to be. Obviously they are tender and caring but will definitely embarrass your Hen. Get your cameras ready as your sexy fireman or policeman is on the way to bare it all. The standard service includes a lap dance and a Full Monty Show, but there are tons of variations for the different themes that your Hen Parties have. Male Strippers in Limerick have also arrived as pizza delivery guys, or Guards. If the husband to be is a builder or a farmer a good choice is to ask for your male strippers in Limerick to show up wearing a hard hat or wellies and a cowboy hat.

21st Birthday parties and 18th Birthday Parties

When a young beure turns 18 or 21 the custom is to get a male strippers to dance for her. The task of getting the Male stripper in Limerick is left with the aunts. The aunts of the girls have an important role to play in her life. They will be that ladies that will buy her a sneaky drink in the bar or console her over a broken heart. If the young lady is not that loud and proud the ladies will decide to get her a kissogram for her 21st Birthday Party. This more of an opportunity for group photos than an actual lap dance. Either way the Limerick Male Strippers will be busy with the birthday party celebrations all over Limerick.

Divorce parties from the Limerick Male Strippers

Well if it is the time to part ways, why not do it in style. Limerick Male Strippers can guarantee an amazing new beginning for your new found freedom. You could get together your girlfriends and enjoy an cracking divorce party. A stripogram from one of our hunks for the single lady? Or maybe a group of buff butlers to serve your bubbly. A divorce party can be as much fun as hen party with the right company and copious amount of cocktails.

Baby Showers in Limerick

Baby Showers are a ladies only affair. And when you get a group of women having a drink…or 10 one of the ladies will definitely think of something on the spicy side to get the evening going. As you might have thought, male strippers in Limerick are a good option for such get togethers. A Topless Waiter service organising a night of party games or karaoke could add style and make the ladies laugh out loud.

Mother’s Day in Limerick

Naturally, Mother’s Day is an opportunity for moms to receive gifts and praises. If your Mother is open minded and up for some fun, why don’t you get her a surprise male stripper for her special day. A good party trick that never fails, getting a male stripper in Limerick for your mother …or grandmother will surely have the whole town talking about your party.

Ann Summers Party with Male Strippers

Ann Summers Parties are brilliant if you enjoyed yourselves during the last hen and are looking to repeat the winning recipe. Just wait for the right moment and get the crew together. Then an Ann Summers rep will bring a mountain of vibrators so you can have a laugh and thing about all those “me -time” moments. As a matter of fact such parties work well as charity event boosters. Either for a good cause, or just because you would like to get some male strippers to come to Limerick and perform, this ladies night out is guaranteed to be a success.

LGBTQ Male Strippers

For all the shy fellas that like fellas. The girls are a gay man’s best friends they say. Indeed there is no better person to choose a male stripper for a man than his girlfriends. Our male strippers are LGBTQ friendly and our stripograms are unisex.

Make sure to give us a call whenever you are ready for our Male Stripper Services in Limerick 

Limerick Strippers for hire…Shannonside stripograms

Limerick Strippers for your party

You can easily find a birthday or stag party in any bar in Limerick. You will recognise them by the big huddle they create in the middle of the bar. Obviously in the middle of that melee there are somewhere strippers. In Limerick Strippers will surprise you with the speed that they will arrive. That’s because the Stripper Agencies operating in and  around Limerick have an amazing setup. Gorgeous ladies in sexy outfits are available in Limerick and throughout Munster. Strippers in Limerick have a beautiful and useful presence.  You can hire these exotice dancers for special fully nude shows that adorn stag parties birthday parties divorce parties or a busy summer BBQ in your own garden.

Stag parties in Limerick

Down the river we go. With Limerick Strippers a river cruise on the Shannon river will bring you to the Limerick City Marina. Situated in the heart of the city it is a good starting point for a group of gentlemen that want to rock the boat.  The city has over 150 bars packed in the centre. Limerick has a tradition in long nights fueled by whiskey and beer. So you will find loads of places with live music and mighty craic on offer.

Dolan’s by the old port still holds an early license so you can get a pint in the morning with your full Irish. The city centre hotels can do good deal. But Limerick has some of the cheapest AirBnB deals in Ireland. So be innovative and plan your Stag weekend away wisely.

If you want some good action driven stag activity try surfing, climbing the Galtees, or canyoning in the Shannon river. Just outside Limerick, in Castletroy, the University of Limerick grounds are home to an extensive network of small rivers and forests that can satisfy your hiking boots.

Limerick Strippers also recommend the likes of  the Charlie Chaplin Bar, Tom and Gerry’s Bar, Mother Mac’s and Nancy Blakes for a n original Limerick by night experience. Limerick Stags will find plenty of good old rock and roll. Many young musicians, following the footstep of the Cranberries performa in the above venues. Talk to the Strippers in Ireland team that will give the latest updates on the Limerick Rock Scene.

What Stags don’t know doesn’t hurt them

In Limerick you have to be a bit careful. It doesn’t mean that the locals are not friendly. They are…they just don’t tolerate “stab city” jokes. So leave your silly comments at home. Treat people with respect, look at them in the eye when you speak to them and ask about the city. You will be surprised at the amazing stories you will hear in the old man bars of Limerick. An option that you should really consider is golfing in Adare. This picturesque village is home to mansion and castles, and just 30 min drive outside the city.

Strippers in Limerick Surf in Miltown Malbay

Actually, most of the stag companies would recommend Doolin as a place to surf, drink Guinness and eat dillisk. Our local Strippers in Limerick recommend Miltown Malbay. The shores are even more impressive than Doolin and the prices lower. So if an escapade of staggy proportions is on the cards please make sure that you get to see the West Coast of Clare and other amazing sites near the City.

Strippers friendly venues

You will find that most bars in Limerick are more than fine with Strippers. They know that the ladies attract the punters like the honey attracts the bears…or the stags. Charlie Malone’s Bar, Dolan’s bar, The George Hotel, The Absolute hotel, The Old Quarter, The Locke Bar, and many other fine establishment have private areas where you lads can enjoy the company of Limerick Strippers.

Strippers Limerick has plenty but beware of shortages during the September months. Here is why… The summer season is the busiest time of the year for strippers in Limerick and nationwide. After the summer most Stripper Agencies send their strippers on holidays. So it’s good to be organised.

Nevertheless,  are always accepting last minute bookings so please dont think its too late give us a call.


Kilkenny Strippers for Kilkenny Stags that love life

Strippers Kilkenny has plenty …

But Elite entertainment employs only professional dancers. If you choose our Kilkenny Strippers you choose quality. Indeed quality is what Elite strippers in Ireland guarantee. With smiles to make you sidestep and jugs to carry your refreshments. With a brewery nearby Kilkenny has everything a stag would look for.  Whiskey and Beer and exotic dancers stripping is what a Kilkenny stag party is all about. We offer fully naked shows from Elite Entertainment. Since we are the top provider of Strippers Kilkenny is famous for we make sure every stag is unique. We combine the professionalism of  exotic dancers with the natural grace of our ladies. Relaxed charming and on time.

A Kilkenny Stag party is the beginning of a great adventure

We offer also free advice for all the Kilkenny Stags that need that special care. Stags in Kilkenny don’t need only strippers. Loud behaviour and pint lifting is what a Stag Party is about. Head to Matt the Millers or An Poc Fada for the usual one pint only. Kyteler’s Inn has some exceptionally good local grub. Also the walks through the stone paved streets of the medieval town will do your tired body some good. Make sure to be flirty as Kilkenny is home to many Hen Parties. A weekend can be as long or as short as you can.

If you follow our Kilkenny Strippers advice, not only will be naughty and have a ton hilarious experiences, but you will be also able to enjoy the countryside. Kilkenny has a good few attrtactions you should not miss. The Smithwick’s Experience will take you to slightly alcoholic tour of this fine ale. You will not want to miss the Saint Francis Abbey Brewery Tours or the gardens of Kilkenny Castle. The Dunmore cave will take you down the underground of Ireland, where a magical world expands.

Kilkenny Strippers – Don’t believe the papers