Cork Strippers For Rebel Stags

February 1, 2018
February 1, 2018 emmanuel v

Cork Strippers For Rebel Stags

Cork Strippers don’t come easy

We don’t know what is happening lately with the Cork Strippers. Up to 5 years ago there were no girls stripping in the Rebel County. Stripping paint off the walls maybe. But girls stripping and doing all the naughty things that a Stag needs to get the lads in the mood for some serious self destruction…. zilch. Nowadays there are queues outside our office.

Cork Strippers are available in all the gorgeous towns around Cork, Kinsale, Blarney, Cobh, Midleton. If you are up to no good Cork Stags, Crane Lane Theatre and Voodoo Rooms have a good bit of fun in store for you. Maybe you want to stretch your feet. The Lee Fields are a a haven of virgin nature, about the only virgin thing still left. Or you can try some virgin Midleton Whiskey in the Jameson Experience Museum. How about the butter museum?

How about a heart attack after the whiskey and the butter tasting? Delivered promptly from one of our Cork Strippers . Book them now here

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