Male Strippers Cork- Sexy Body Music

February 13, 2018
February 13, 2018 emmanuel v

Male Strippers Cork- Sexy Body Music

Male Strippers Cork – The floor will get wet …..

……. because when Male Strippers Cork enter the room you will drop your glasses on the floor. Hen parties would turn into orgies if we didn’t hire security for the lads. Rebel County Hen Parties have trusted Elite Entertainment for the last 10 years for their spicy shows. And they are never wrong. We have earned their trust, one set of boxers at a time.

The performance will start with one of the Hens sneaking in the Sexy Monster. Male strippers Cork have worked out a perfect plan for a spectacular private srip show. He will be dressed in the costume of your choice. A policeman dealing with the noise complaint… and then getting down and dirty with the bride to be. A fireman with a big…. Did I say big …. no Very BIG fire extinguisher. A builder with a hard hat on. Or even Elvis.

Give us a call for a tube of lube for your dreams!

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