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Kilkenny Strippers for Kilkenny Stags that love life

Strippers Kilkenny has plenty …

But Elite entertainment employs only professional dancers. If you choose our Kilkenny Strippers you choose quality. Indeed quality is what Elite strippers in Ireland guarantee. With smiles to make you sidestep and jugs to carry your refreshments. With a brewery nearby Kilkenny has everything a stag would look for.  Whiskey and Beer and exotic dancers stripping is what a Kilkenny stag party is all about. We offer fully naked shows from Elite Entertainment. Since we are the top provider of Strippers Kilkenny is famous for we make sure every stag is unique. We combine the professionalism of  exotic dancers with the natural grace of our ladies. Relaxed charming and on time.

A Kilkenny Stag party is the beginning of a great adventure

We offer also free advice for all the Kilkenny Stags that need that special care. Stags in Kilkenny don’t need only strippers. Loud behaviour and pint lifting is what a Stag Party is about. Head to Matt the Millers or An Poc Fada for the usual one pint only. Kyteler’s Inn has some exceptionally good local grub. Also the walks through the stone paved streets of the medieval town will do your tired body some good. Make sure to be flirty as Kilkenny is home to many Hen Parties. A weekend can be as long or as short as you can.

If you follow our Kilkenny Strippers advice, not only will be naughty and have a ton hilarious experiences, but you will be also able to enjoy the countryside. Kilkenny has a good few attrtactions you should not miss. The Smithwick’s Experience will take you to slightly alcoholic tour of this fine ale. You will not want to miss the Saint Francis Abbey Brewery Tours or the gardens of Kilkenny Castle. The Dunmore cave will take you down the underground of Ireland, where a magical world expands.

Kilkenny Strippers – Don’t believe the papers

What not to do on a Hen Weekend – Male strippers recommend

Hen weekend Plan of Disaster

…Male strippers guide on how to miss your best friend’s wedding

Our Male strippers have seen many failed Hen Weekends. Actually if you want your Hen weekend to finish faster than a bag of sweets in the hands of someone on a Slimfast diet than go ahead. Do all of the below. And let your imagination roam free. This how you become the most hated person in the upcoming wedding and lose most of your friends in a jiffy. All a future bridesmaids and DIY hen organisers should read this bible of hen weekend wisdom.

Timing the Hen Weekend

Being a male stripper in Ireland means that you work 24/7/365. But some Hen Weekend dates top the poll by far.

Christmas Eve

Nothing like a male stripper to strip fully naked next to the Christmas Tree. Make sure there are a few sex toys in the mix of pressies for the ladies attending the hen. Invite the whole family. I mean …What could go wrong?

New Year’s Eve

This is the exact day that you want to spend with another 15 ladies that you don’t really know. Imagine the bonding when a male stripper strips as you drink bubbly and ring in the new year. Who else would the bride to be want to spend this night with?male

Combined Hen Party and Baby Showers

Yes for expectant mothers that are also brides to be a hen weekend away is a fantastic idea. The Bride to be will be sipping her OJ while the rest of the ladies will be throwing up tequila. Then the Buff Butler will be playing naked twister with the Bride to be! The baby will be kicking to the rhythm of the music.

First week of January

Kids are not back in school yet, all your girlfriends are broke ….but the hotels have massive discounts so let’s do this. And as a good bridesmaid make sure that the bride to be is on her detox-get-in-that-fecking-wedding-dress diet.

A good mix of ladies

Get a teetotal auntie and a drug addict cousin. Make sure that they sit next to each other during dinner. Then watch the beauty unfold. Actually make sure to invite a slutty workmate and then ask your male stripper to give her a lap dance too. Then try to pay him off when she rips off his uniform. Just to be sure invite your crazy paranoid grandma too. She will definitely add some suspense to the party when she hides in the toilet for the evening.

Top Notch Entertainment

Get a cheap as chips DJ for a hen house party

Watch him as he downs a pile of Es and plays the Vengaboys in a loop. Get all the above ladies to learn the dance moves on the spot. Make sure that the Bride to be rips her dress and your crazy grandma spends a lot of time near the DJ box. Then wonder why the Granny is saying repeatedly i love you to the DJ, the lesbian friend… Granny hugs everywhere.

Get a Male Stripper off Facebook

Ignore the top rated male stripper companies in Ireland. Get a random guy with a fake Facebook profile. I mean the fact that he has 30 reviews saying that he is useless and a perv don’t mean a thing. Then get him to perform for the paranoid grandma. Evenbetter, send the stripper to do a Full Monty for your lesbian friend. Make sure the granny and the auntie know very well what a lesbian is.

Get a Drag Queen for your Hen Weekend

Male strippers in Ireland are a thing of the past . How about a Drag Queen to entertain your diverse crew of hens. Make sure she is the bearded variety. And she sounds like a Banshee on a mission. Especially during her performance full of better-than-the-real-thing Celine Dion renditions. Make sure she is called Celine …or Dione.

Foam Party Fun and home made Zorbing

What’s the point of paying an arm and a leg for some lame arse activities. Go DIY . Foam Machines can help you deep clean the living room, the dresses, the carpets. Buy the cheapest  Zorb ball off Amazon and get all the ladies together to inflate it by blowing into it. Then make sure you find a nice slope near the Cliffs of Moher. And that’s all you need to earn an unforgettable night in the Irish Health system’s A&E.

Location Location Location

The charming countryside

Choose a B&B in a small village of 15 inhabitants.  Then get a super expensive taxi trip to the next town. Make sure you  party till you drop and have no money for the return trip. Then take 3 buses to get back to the amazing natural beauty of County-the-back-arse-of-the-feck-away.

In da hood

Organise a trip to a European Capital. Make sure to book the cheapest ever B&B. Then persuade the girls to dress up as 80s hookers. Fishnet tights and curly perm are obligatory. Mingle with the locals. Then explain to the husband to be the photos with the locals. And why the locals are dressed just like the Hen Party. Some spectacular neighbourhoods in Prague, Budapest and Athens pop to mind.

The Caribbean paradise

Why don’t you avail of that super discount for 4 days in Punta Cana. This way the lot of you will be confined to the amazing half a mile of safe territory that the 2 star resort provides. But do venture outside the resort to get some first hand excitement. With the crime rate similar to the rent hikes in Dublin you are bound to make some  lasting memories.

Stay at home hen weekend

You might want to break the mould and trash your besties gaff. Indeed she needs a drastic renovation for her nest. Obviously the future hubby will be delighted to have the opportunity to prove himself as the next Bob the Builder. Or Brendan the Navigator…after seeing the state of the place the day after.

Female Bonding

Be honest

Make sure you tell everybody how much you love the bride to be. Now is the time to confess the fact that you are really bi and have had the hots for her since high school. And be protective of her. Make sure she knows exactly what the rest of the ladies think of her. If possible record their opinions. Then ask the male stripper if you can use his sound system  …bet that would be really appreciated.

Be modest

Try to wear whatever the bride to be is wearing. Just a more expensive brand. If she can’t take a bit of rivalry she ain’t your friend really. Make sure you done the highest heels in the group. Look kindly down on the rest of them at regular intervals.

Be game

Go off for a quickie in the loo with the first random drunk guy then ask if any other ladies want to have a go. Keep sexting the groom to be all night long. Send him loads of nudes. Make sure to ask him for a dick pick. If he sends one, reply with a group photo with  all the hens.


Now that’s what we call a hen weekend !

Carrick on Shannon Male Strippers- Free Willie

Carrick on Shannon Male Strippers – Murtagh’s and Co

Carrick on Shannon male strippers don’t have time for messing about. As seen on Carrick on Stag, Carrick on Shannon is the place to be for Hen Parties and Stag parties. Murtagh’s Bar is the temple that all the Hens go to. They pray for good dirty fun. They drink and laugh and troment the Stags. An old tradition but a modern ritual, the mayhem of Carrick on Shannon Hen Parties is the one and only thing guaranteed to happen.  The Hen Parties in Carrick on Shannon are , were and will be the most loud, proud and unhinged.

We have Carrick on Shannon Male Strippers to suit all occasion. Male sex gods that come straight out of modelling, Army boys and Policemen. How about a hunky builder covered in fake sweat?

Booking our Male Strippers in Carrick on Shannon is pretty easy. You will find our number in all the big bars and even the management of the apartments will recommend us. Or you can check our facebook profile and reviews.

We will give you the option of choosing your performer and will even give you a call back to make sure that everything went according to plan.

So get moving book early and have the hen of a lifetime in Carrick on Shannon with the Elite Strippers.

Male Strippers Cork- Sexy Body Music

Male Strippers Cork – The floor will get wet …..

……. because when Male Strippers Cork enter the room you will drop your glasses on the floor. Hen parties would turn into orgies if we didn’t hire security for the lads. Rebel County Hen Parties have trusted Elite Entertainment for the last 10 years for their spicy shows. And they are never wrong. We have earned their trust, one set of boxers at a time.

The performance will start with one of the Hens sneaking in the Sexy Monster. Male strippers Cork have worked out a perfect plan for a spectacular private srip show. He will be dressed in the costume of your choice. A policeman dealing with the noise complaint… and then getting down and dirty with the bride to be. A fireman with a big…. Did I say big …. no Very BIG fire extinguisher. A builder with a hard hat on. Or even Elvis.

Give us a call for a tube of lube for your dreams!

Dublin Male Strippers – Hens Go Insane

Dublin Male Strippers and the fun begins

Ever thought of a hen party full of well behaved angels? No. Good. Because a hen party that claims to have cups of tea and embroidery on the list is not the hen party you want to go to. Instead try one with limo, bubbly and Dublin Male strippers covered in glitter and baby oil. Try hitting the pubs and leaving behind a line of empty shot glasses. Try clubbing in Dublin and then going for some fresh seafood in Howth. Or clubbing in the Wright Venue in Swords. A space big enough to loose all your friends and have fun with strangers.

Dublin Male strippers can offer the much needed highlight of the night. Or a good beginning. But if you book a male stripper make sure you give Elite Entertainment a call. With a long list of venues that work with Elite, and excellent customer care, your hangover is about the only thing you should be worried about,


Strippers Cavan offers in 2019

Strippers Cavan: 24/7/365

And they say there 365 Lakes in Co. Cavan. One for each day of the year. Strippers Cavan has in store aren’t as many, but they make everyday a special day. Obviously, Stag Nights in Cavan are meant to cheap and cheerful. Close to Dublin, close to angling spots and close to country pubs. So, cans of lager, fishing rod and the grass is greener on the other side. Well one thing is for sure:

“There ain’t no grass on Stripper’s landing strip. And there aren’t that many landing strips in Cavan either. Good spots to loose your sh*t, The Black horse Inn, and in Kingscourt, ( not Kings Landing you GOT nerds) the Famous Gartland’s. Mainly bechttp://strip.ieause it is so small that you can’t hide when Strippers Cavan is famous for ( really ?!???!!!) barge through the door and hit their head on the century door frame.

Let’s be honest, most of our girls stripping come to Cavan from Dublin Stripper stock. And these are the finest Female Stripper you will find here.

The Luna Bar on the other hand, is spacious, modern and leftover of the Celtic Tiger. Thank FCUK it is stripper friendly. So travel light, have fun in the Lake County and save a pretty penny for our Strippers.

Carrick on Shannon Strippers

Carrick on Shannon Strippers: No rest for the wicked Stags

Welcome to Carrick on Stag. I bet you never had a doubt that this would be a messy affair. The Carrick on Shannon strippers can confirm that. Now girls stripping in Carrick have been around for a while. But there is a major difference between girls stripping and exotic dancers. The lads at Murtagh’s Bar will surely tell you that. As one of the most stripper friendly venues, they have seen arses by the ton. And there are women stripping that have just the latter. But there are professionals that walk in, cause a storm and leave behind broken hearts…Carrick on Shannon Strippers Professional and there on a mission. In some cases it works well for the pay per view channels that some of the many star hotels in Carrick on Shannon. Some of the lads don’t get that stag lucky as the hens are hard to catch. Even in a Hen Coup that is Carrick on Shannon.  You will have stags just go on to booking.com and get sorted with regard to the gaff for the giraffe.

But we are the booking.com of the Stripping industry.

We offer refined kissograms and fully naked stripograms. For the arty Stags you could hire a life drawing model and bring to life all the curves that made your mouth water. The life drawing scene is based on a look but not touch approach. You will not be disappointed if you go for Las Vegas Strippogram. Like a cheese burger on a vegan menu, the Life drawing is something we don’t look down on, but something that a Stag will rarely take on.

For more ideas about Stags in Carrick on Shannon Strippers Dwarfs and an endless list of totally fucked up ideas give us a call.


Drunk leprechauns & Strippers Dublin unveiled

Strippers Dublin: Stags, shots, and lost bodies

As you land in Dublin airport we will send stark naked female strippers Dublin will open wide for you. We can send strippers Dublin makes just at the back of the Guiness Factory. Drunk leprechauns and performer midgets make them from scratch with love and care. You see they also are brilliant robot technicians. That’s why Google has their European Headquarters in Dublin. Not because of the Tax Breaks. Did you get used to the madness that Dublin Stags have to offer yet ? No. Then you can FCUK just right off.

On a serious note Dublin Stags are unforgettable. As unforgettable as the hungover from a Guinness whiskey and dirty kebabs combo. And the only thing you will remember well is when strippers Dublin had to offer got the stag gnaw on their knickers.

Because a stag party Dublin is the world of Narnia with all kinds of bizarre creatures. Rickshaw drivers that race the Dublin Bus. Yes you will be blind drunk. Surely some  poor FCUK will race cabs and buses with 3 of you fine fellas in the back seat. While cycling in the rain. And then sell you dodgy pills if that’s your game. You will find helpful locals that will try and replace Google maps for you. As well as rude bouncers, chinese taxi drivers and a monument that looks like a dildo smack bang in the middle of the city centre. You will find trouble and sensuality. You will spend like mad because, hey we are improving and you dear drunk stags have money to throw down the drain.

Or be gentle and kind.

You can simply enjoy a nice Irish Beef Sirloin with Irish Spuds while Irish Strippers Dublin accents and latin tunes fill your soul.
Down the shots, lose your wallet switch off the phones and make the best of your stag party in Dublin.

Book your flights with RyanAir , save your money for Elite Strippers Dublin has in store for you.

9 Top Celebrations for Female Strippers In Ireland

Female Strippers for Top Confession box parties

When one thinks of Female Strippers, chances are a strip club comes to mind. But get ready to surprise yourselves. Or even better. Get your imagination out of its hiding spot and join us in the treasure hunt for partying opportunities that need the tender care of female strippers. Then prepare your confessions carefully. You can gather material for the full seven deadly sins package. Apologies, sloth will be left out as you will be running around like lunatics after experiencing lust, you know…female strippers.

Stag Party: Female Strippers are a must

No other occasion brings female strippers in Ireland close to the boys in green like a good old stag party. So you have the accommodation sorted. And the dinner and pitchers combo. Now how about the strippers that will bring that extra kick to the party? The options are more than you can imagine. A once upon prudish Ireland is full of female strippers that can put on an unforgettable show. And while the strip clubs will set you back a good few hundred, the private shows will come to the comfort of you venue for a bit more than the price of few pints per head. Don’t be stingy when you send off your best buddy to his happily ever after. Or unhappily masturbation on the couch. Who cares. It’s a stag party !

Obviously, the friendly smiles go hand in hand with the friendly female strippers. Or do you want your own private limo with a couple of strippers to pop the champagne open. Or maybe just crack open a cold one with their buttchicks.  Mark my words, the strip show that can make a stag party a success for the year to come…..and make the bride never speak to the organiser of the strippers ever again ……is just around the corner. Stag party + female strippers + vodka & redbull = Return On Investment for the years to come.

Stag Party Reunion: Female Strippers reloaded

This kind of male melee is new addition to the “mad parties” list. So you have done the stag. Had pictures taken with the female strippers sitting on the stag’s face. Then booked a male stripper for the bride-to-be just to keep her sweet. Equality, she is a bitch, but well worth the effort. Then got the photos off Facebook and Instagram. But how do you forget a night of mischief, laughter and elephant thongs. You simply don’t. So you want to do it all over again. Hit the bars, have a quiet pint. Find out who went off with the sluty bridesmaid. Pretend to be shocked when you find out about how boring married life is. Hit the shooting range. Walk the woods. So a good stag is only the beggining of many stag reunions to come.

And what was the name of the female stripper you got from us? Well give us a tingle and we will be on time thongs in hand.

Female Strippers for a Birthday Present

So your brother is turning 21. Surely he deserves a treat! So you get him a Big Beautiful Woman. She is the cutting edge of female stippers. She will treat him like a piece of dirt. Yes pure perfect humiliation. And jugs the size of Aldi watermelons. While he is receiving his birthday gift, you, his girlfriend, and his whole family watch the show. This is how you pay back for the time he borrowed your car and parked it nicely between two piles of brick that used to be your neighbour’s wall. With the type of female strippers that make a man out of a wuss.

Now, if your single uncle is turning 40, it’s different kind of female strippers you are after. Female strippers that are ballerinas and know how to warm up a heart of stone. With a smile and a motorboat to make Marbella tremble and Benidorm roar. Whatever the birthday, you will find female strippers that can wish your loved ones a very happy naked birthday.

Leaving Party

Imagine that your best work buddy is leaving the office. You have spent so many hours together. Most of all you have made each other’s days bearable. You have covered each other’s ass when you were late for work. You have helped each other out during the times that you were hungover and looked like dogs in the rain. And now it is the very last party before he heads off to some other adventure. Definitely, you’ve got to sort out something special for his last big bash. And make sure that all the other fellas know that you are the colleague that really gives a shit!

So you order at least two female strippers dressed like secretaries from the 60s. Not that today’s secretaries don’t know how to ramp up the temperature.

Biker Party

Every self respecting biker crew need a good naked intervention in their chapter house. Now all the lads and their old ladies are gathered for a BBQ and a spin. The weather is fine,  the engines roar.The smell of rubber , chops and gasoline fill the air. All of the sudden, here come the female strippers. The engines roar louder. The music sounds better when you have a perfect round booty swinging to it. Biker Clubs in Ireland can’t be left behind their American friends when it comes to partying. So they will rock and roll with style, fast wheels and female strippers are a must.

It doesn’t matter if you have a chopper or a moto cross. At the end of the day a female stripper makes the pistons pump faster once they land their perfect bodies on the the perfect bikes.

Builders Friday Night out

There is no better feeling than spending hard earned cash on making memories. The lads on the building sites will queue at the bar for doubles on a Friday night. Actually, the profession of a builder is one of the most difficult professions on earth. That is why a good party of builders in Ireland will have the added bonus of female strippers. It is also a tradition, to splash a bit of extra cash when a project is completed. So pints, steak, female strippers and a good laugh. Especially in Ireland, a country with a long tradition of builders, fun and revelling is always attached to the builders’ lifestyle. Life’s for living, work’s for earning and female strippers are for stripping.

Lads Christmas Party

It is the season to be jolly …..and the season for work christmas parties. You know the get togethers where you get very drunk and end up doing something naughty. Like hitting on your boss. Or drinking enough tequilas to bring Mexico to Ireland. Or being blindfolded with a thong from Miss Claus. Obviously we are talking about female strippers in the obligatory Christmasy attire. Short skirt and red thong. Jingle bell tassels on the nipples. Actually a brilliant idea is to hire a party bus with the sexy female strippers singing the Christmas carols completely out of tune. Simply because you don’t hire female strippers for their singing skills. Nothing like a few lads off their titts admiring a perfect pair of titts.

Female Stripper for the Champions

Every sports club deserves to celebrate a victory in style. Rugby clubs would hire a sexy hostess to welcome the lads home. Ireland is the country that has its own unique sport. The GAA is a lifelong commitment. While the rules of the GAA forbid strippers, boys will be boys and will get a couple of female strippers to celebrate the taking of the Cup. With nothing but impressive cup sizes . Actually a celebration of a victory  for the lads  will bring sportsmanship, beer, bottoms and bosoms in a well balanced night of absolute mayhem.

Just because….. female strippers are fun

That is the reason why every time a few lads prepare to hit the town in sizeable groups, at least one of them will pop the question. “Lads, let’s get some female strippers!” It is hard to resist the idea of a fully naked show. Likewise it is even harder to get a pub in Ireland where they will allow strippers. The venues will trust only well established female stripper organisers. Luckily there a few good female stripper companies in Ireland that work hand in hand with the venues. These well seasoned night creatures will organise anything from female strippers to party venues…even bring you paracetamol for the morning after.

Note : Confession box parties are parties that include some type of mischief that you will definitely not admit that you don’t regret.

Best of Male Strippers in Ireland: Tour 2018

The Male Strippers Pack their Trunks

It is the time of the year that Male Strippers in Ireland and around the world take out of the trunk their Santa Costumes. In Christmas Parties and office parties,  male strippers will perform as Naughty Santas and even naughtier helpers. And empty their sacks …full of presents for all the ladies in the Christmas themed Hen parties.

Now, you might think that it is all over on the 2nd of January. Well think again. Every profession has its busy dates. But no profession is as busy as the Male Strippers in Ireland on the 6th of January. It Women’s Little Christmas  and the Hunks of Desire are as busy as the chipmunks before winter. And with each successful show, comes an even better afterparty. Will they survive this one?

The Hunks of Desire @Dolan’s

The Hunks of Desire, this fantastic, homegrown male dancing act is hitting the main stage of Dolan’s in Limerick on the 6th of January. 

The lads will bring the stage alive with a Magic Mike style full monty show .  This is an invitation to all the ladies of Munster, Limerick, and all over Ireland. Come over and celebrate Women’s Little Christmas in style.

Women’s Little Christmas is mainly a Munster Celebration. It’s the women of Munster, with that cheeky smile and the sparkle in their eyes that will fill the bars and clubs.

It’s a great night for Christmas Parties too. All the ladies that have worked hard during the Christmas madness can join forces ….and why not ? Enjoy a first class show delivered from one of the best troupes of Male Strippers in Ireland and Europe.

Elite Kissagrams wishes the best of luck to the Hunks of Desire….. and Dublin will be missing you !!!!!