Westport Strippers

June 18, 2019
June 18, 2019 emmanuel v

Westport Strippers

Why hire Westport Strippers for your Stag

If you are looking for locally based amazing looking Strippers Westport offers a winning package. Just ask any of the stags in Westport for their feedback. You might think that Westport is good only for the fine dining seafood restaurants, or skinny dipping in the Atlantic. Think again!

Westport offers a nightlife that Dublin is jealous of.  The beauty of Westport is that you can nurse your hangover with the fresh breeze waking you up. And at the same time you can party all night long. Indeed the licensing laws are much more flexible in places where there is a only one Guard and he drinks in the same pub as you do.

Westport is a cosmopolitan town that attract a lot of artists. Tattooed ladies with a thing for S&M could be your neighbours during your Stag party in Westport.  And guess what? Free spirits freelance…and free dance! Well not for free really. But we have professional strippers that will be well worth your extra couple of rounds in the local bars.

Hire Professional Westport strippers for your special event on the Atlantic coast.