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Elite Male Strippers Top Hen Party Destinations in Ireland

Hen Party Destinations in Ireland

Irish Male Strippers have the X-factor, anywhere, anytime!

Hen Parties turned into a multi-million industry almost overnight. Actually within 5 years . It was about 5 years ago that the recession was still in peoples’ pockets. Hen Parties were more like house parties and a pub crawl in the local pubs was wiser than a trendy weekend in Carrick on Shannon or Carlingford. The dynasty of the Hen Party organisers was still in its infancy. Then the recession didn’t really go away, but the bad mood did. With the mini boom that Ireland is experiencing came the Hen Party packages, the pampering weekends and the male strippers.

When we think of Hen Parties  we do think of a some kind of a session. More than that we think of ways to entertain the ladies. As male strippers we tend to take the place of the grand finale in the grand scheme of things. So what kind of Hen Parties are the ladies of Ireland organising in 2019? Well the kind that involve prosseco, male strippers and some type of goofing around. Below you will find the top locations that are trending this year.

The big Hen Party bash with Dublin male strippers

Male strippers in Dublin are the ones you need to talk to about your perfect Hen Party in the Capital. Indeed, Temple bar is really for the Hens from abroad. The north and the south of the city offer a multitude of places to get merry and take an easy stroll in the suburbs of the city that fought an empire. Not that hen parties miss that battle feeling. Either in Howth or Dun Laoighaire you can hire male strippers that will put on a show that will make all your friends jealous. Dublin is all about the city lights and the trendy restaurants. Maybe you want to make the best of your time in the city and enjoy a live concert in the 3 Arena. Other options include Hen party classics like Life Drawing sessions and spa treatments, make-up masterclasses, cocktail-making or a few rounds of golf on a sunny day.

The hen party in the Wild wild west: Galway Male Strippers recommend

They call it the Wild Atlantic Way. By far the best marketing idea in the Irish tourism scene since the Knock Shrine. The roads were always there and the scenery is indeed wild. So all they had to do is sign post the trips. As a result tourists started flowing and the quiet country roads of County Galway, Connemara and Westport filled with eager explorers. The Hen parties choose this area mainly for the breathtaking nature. But the male strippers you will find in these parts of Ireland are a bonus you can’t miss. Part-time surfers and athletes, with a flair for dancing and egos to pamper, they are the ideal parting gift. You can easily hire male strippers in Galway or Buff Butlers in Westport. Why not add a touch of madness to your otherwise civilised affair?

The Kilkenny Strippers & the brewers daughters

Kilkenny male strippers are an institution in this city that gives Magalouf Hen Parties a run for their money. Hen Parties arrive here to combine the relaxed atmosphere of a mediaval town with the hardcore partying of the Spanish coastline. The town is home to well over 100 pubs. As a result, the breweries of Kilkenny have a stage that allows them to impress the customers very close to the source. O’Hara’s and Smithwick’s have their home in the marble city and they offer great guiding tours.

Yes, the hurling, the pubs, the castle, more pubs; these are some of your favourite things. Just as the sun goes down, the hen parties will storm the town and the phone lines of companies offering male strippers in Kilkenny will catch fire. 

Carrick-on-Hen: Carrick on Shannon male strippers file for retirement

Carrick-on-Shannon is one of the party towns that the recession forgot. Maybe because this enclave of party heads had the best set up. On the other hand, it did offer value for money for a good while. When the rest of Ireland was struggling to make ends meet, the Carrick-on- Shannon venues were full. Nowadays expect hen and stag party pricing, but also a might craic agus ceol experience.

As the town offer great packages the combine accommodation and activities it is a one stop shop for those that want to escape the city for a quick break. Hen Parties have the option of cruising in the Shannon or flying high in the likes of Murtaghs bar. While the results may vary the male strippers in Carrick on Shannon will make sure that you have the photo evidence you need to prove that you had a smashing time. That and the credit card bill. Both options are highly Instagram worthy.

Cork: Magic Mike with a Cork Accent

Male strippers in Cork are held in high esteem. There is no Women’s Little Christmas or Mother’s Day that doesn’t feature some type of male strip show. The Ladies of the Rebel City, have a rebel attitude. So, if you are visiting Cork for a Hen Party make sure to book these essential services in advance. Since there is nothing that says ‘hen party’ better than a full monty show in the basement of an overcrowded pub, you gotta have one. He is going to be the surprise for the bride and the round of shots will probably cost you more than his stropogram. Make no mistake, Cork is not a cheap city to party in. The prices are very close to those of Dublin, especially if you choose any of the mainstream clubs. On the other hand, you will love the small, music free pubs that offer better prices and better atmosphere. Our male strippers recommend a bit of both. Easy going watering holes to hang out and chit-chat and jam packed live venues to dance your socks off.

Limerick Male Strippers for the Munster Ladies

Limerick has a bad reputation, but that was in the past. Angela’s Ashes tells the story of a city where rain, unemployment and trouble are the main things that one can find. The rain is still there, but the rest is fairy-tale material. Limerick is a small cosmopolitan city with a lot to offer to the travelling Hen parties. Hotels are more affordable then other cities and the pubs and clubs a bit more relaxed. The levels of acceptable mischief are higher than in other cities in  Ireland. This is due to the proud tradition of partying till dawn, that some Limerick Pubs still honour. If you are lucky you will experience the lock-up, which means that everybody stays in the bar and they drink till the sun comes up or the bar runs dry.

Carlingford: For the classy lassies that like to behave like royalty

Male strippers in Carlingford will definitely entertain your wildest desires. In this case we are talikgn about intricate outfits and impromptu strip shows that involve two, three or a whole crew of male strippers. Carlingford is popular with Hen Parties from both sides of the border. Here the Hen will find quaint cottages and their trekking boots will take them to the coastline of Carlingford Lough. Maybe a bubbly reception with Buff Butlers in the Taffe’s Castle is on the list? Who knows? In any case male strippers in Carlingford are not hard to find.