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Strippers Birthdays | Show girls celebrate

Strippers birthdays never fall on a weekend

It is obvious that strippers birthdays are important events. You might think of other special days that you would like include in your calendar. Like the birthday parties of your favourite car mechanic or hairdresser. But no other parties guarantee the levels of mayhem that strippers birthdays pack in. Sadly, Strippers birthdays have to be celebrated on weekdays. On weekends these industrious ladies will dance and take their lace off for other humans that will celebrate their birthday. Get a stripper for your birthday they say. Nothing says happy birthday like a sexy female stripper popping out of the birthday cake. Since human sized birthday cakes don’t come cheap most best friends will order just the stripper. But back to our exotic ladies.

Beware of the creatures of the night

When a stripper has her birthday chances are the party will attract all the night owls. People that start their day in the afternoon and live by the night are by far much more interesting. Most follow the 9 to 5 path. The attractions of a life style that starts at 6 am in the morning are tangible. Yes by going to the gym and living a predictable lifestyle one will have lunch at 12, and get the bus home at 5.30 pm. On the other hand those that work in the night jobs, are getting ready to face the world at that time. Strippers are the delight of the nightlife. They combine fashion, music and beauty in one irresistible package.

When Elite Entertainment throw a birthday party they definitely go above and beyond. Our ladies are the apple of our eye and the creme on the Irish coffee. Strippers in Ireland have some partying traditions that tend to bring smiles to the faces of the participants. Let me take you to the land where poles are lubed with vodka and the freckles shimmer under the strobe lights.

There is a massive party

In Ireland strippers are familiar faces. If you went to Vegas you would probably not know all the strippers by their name. In Ireland you do. The Emerald Isle is a smaller country with less strip clubs than the average European or American metropolis. But this simply means that everybody is invited. The strippers birthdays will be on the bill boards of their favourite club, and the whole club will line up to wish them a happy birthday. Stripper agencies and strip clubs alike use these occasions to spread a feeling of euphoria throughout the club.

No queuing for the clubs

In the case that strippers in Dublin or Cork decide to go out, the red cordon is always removed with a smile. Bouncers love strippers, so there is no queuing outside the clubs. Even late nigh restaurants and hotel lobbies, will try their best to please the ladies of the night.

The dance floor is on fire

“Big Fish, little fish, cardboard box”  …. who remember this boring dance routine that keeps popping up on the dance floor. There is nothing wrong with simple 2 step dances to have fun, but not when you are partying with strippers. They will dominate the dance floor, for sure. At the same time some onlookers will get in trouble with their better half. Definitely not with the strippers though. They love the attention.

Strippers back Strippers

Just like wolves that hunt in packs, strippers party in packs. Whenever a strippers birthday is on, most of their work mates, will leave their night duties earlier than usual. Most of the girls know each other pretty well. In professions where team work is the bread and Nutella of the business, people form close relationships. Naturally, in times of celebration, even strippers that would normally be very competitive drop the attitude and have a dance off together. Just when one least expects it, the birthday party will turn into a full on dance show.

There is alcohol to fill the Trevi fountain

When strippers birthdays are in full flow, there is no lack of the bubbly stuff. There is no luck of the shots variety either. For we are all alone in this mad dance routine and alcohol makes the best friend for those who share space but not hearts. But yes, booze is the thing and the fuel of the party. For dancers, burning off those fermentation based calories, was never a problem. Make it rain they say. And it does rain.

Presents of all shapes and sizes

Naughty paraphernalia is what you find inside the colourful wraps. Finding presents for strippers is not easy. But as most of their friends work in the industry of erotic enlightenment they are well able when it comes to finding those unique wowing items. Crystal heels and lace blindfolds, expensive watches and timeless shinny object. What strippers love most though is the colour green. And both 100 Dollar and 100 Euro bills share that beautiful colour.

Male stripper surprise

Just to make things a bit more interesting, most stripper agents would hire a male stripper to perform on strippers birthdays. As a result, laughter and jokes are part of the grand finale. What happens when the shoe is on the other foot? The Ladies do enjoy the attention and tit for tat stripograms are not uncommon.

Being a stripper in Ireland is not the easiest job ever. But it is rewarding in many ways. Celebrating one’s birthday in a style that only celebrities can afford, is one of them.