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And they say there 365 Lakes in Co. Cavan. One for each day of the year. Strippers Cavan has in store aren’t as many, but they make everyday a special day. Obviously, Stag Nights in Cavan are meant to cheap and cheerful. Close to Dublin, close to angling spots and close to country pubs. So, cans of lager, fishing rod and the grass is greener on the other side. Well one thing is for sure:

“There ain’t no grass on Stripper’s landing strip. And there aren’t that many landing strips in Cavan either. Good spots to loose your sh*t, The Black horse Inn, and in Kingscourt, ( not Kings Landing you GOT nerds) the Famous Gartland’s. Mainly bechttp://strip.ieause it is so small that you can’t hide when Strippers Cavan is famous for ( really ?!???!!!) barge through the door and hit their head on the century door frame.

Let’s be honest, most of our girls stripping come to Cavan from Dublin Stripper stock. And these are the finest Female Stripper you will find here.

The Luna Bar on the other hand, is spacious, modern and leftover of the Celtic Tiger. Thank FCUK it is stripper friendly. So travel light, have fun in the Lake County and save a pretty penny for our Strippers.

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