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Strippers in Ireland – The survival guide

Strippers in Ireland teach Harvard graduates

As all good things come to an end, so does the career of strippers in Ireland. But what have they learned apart from climbing poles and doing back-flips with no strings attached? It comes to no surprise to those that have worked in the stripping industry that the most admirable skill they develop is hustling. Hustling has a negative ring to it. At least in the English speaking countries west of the States.  At the same time most strippers wear the hustler t-shirt with pride. In the States, from the Hustler magazine to the Wolf of New York the term hustling is synonymous with success and bravery. At the end of the day, the hustler, be it a stock broker, a second hand car salesman or a stripper needs to make money ..and fast.  The reason why strippers can teach the art hustling better than anybody else is simple. Because they know how to do it with no clothes on.


Confident like strippers

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about strippers in Bronx or strippers in Ireland, the main trait is confidence. People don’t buy services because they like the services, but because they are charmed by the provider of the services. So strippers can teach you how to be confident in the business environment. You might have the best ideas but how do you sell them to others. Strippers have mastered the art of pitching their services in 10 sec. Forget the 3 min elevator pitch. Walk into a room like stripper with brand new boobs and the deal is yours.

Great listening skills

In business you have to listen in order to learn about your prospective customers. The Japanese came up with a whole system. It is the Lean Six Sigma System and is focused on the “Voice of the customer”. It was developed by Toyota systems in the 80s with great results worldwide.  But the strippers have their own version. It is called  “once you have’em keep’em”. Both systems make sure to create a repeat customer. Toyota wants people to keep sitting in their driver seats and strippers want the clients to keep asking them to sit on their lap. But listening and connecting is key in both systems.

Strippers in Ireland don’t talk about the weather

Strippers in Ireland don’t complain about the weather. They find straightforward ways to remind the lads that both sides can make the best of their time. When we speak in marketing about the Unique Selling  Proposition we focus on the explanation of  the benefits of that proposition. Strippers know how to deliver all that with one move. They appeal to the emotional side of the customer. That’s where motives and intentions coincide.

Time is money …but the night is always young

Strippers in Ireland will belong to different business models. Strip club strippers and agency strippers. In the first case they perform in the set up of a club. As a result they need to promote themselves within the time frame of the opening hours. This makes the competition among the girls pretty fierce, but they also need to behave professionally and not disturb the positive vibes of the club. When it comes to agency strippers  they also need to make sure that they make the best of their show time. But here there is no competition and the floor is theirs.

Strippers always ask for tips

When you are about to seal a deal, you need to make sure that you have offered enough options for further sources of income. As strippers say, “I will show you an extra something, once I get another green guy on the string”. In other words, if you come out of the business school and you are afraid to ask for money you should join the army instead.

Above and beyond..how the wow the customer Las Vegas style

It’s good the impress the customers with ones presence. Another wise strategy is to keep something in your back pocket. Maybe having a perfect body will draw the attention of the crowd. But when a stripper knows that her voice can achieve much more than her booty, she leaves the words for the lap-dance. It is the amazing ability of professional strippers to keep impressing their clients that Harvard graduates should focus on.

Be able to sense trouble… money is not everything

Strippers in Ireland are lucky in this respect, as clubs and agencies here have very strict rules. Generally in Ireland people don’t suffer fools easily. Which makes things simple with regard to disrespectful customers. But in the forgotten strip clubs of the American highways, the ladies develop a sixth sense. If your gut feeling tells you that you are dealing with a dodgy deal, walk out there and then. Life is full of opportunities and money is not everything. But how to recognise a bad deal. Well strippers learn from other strippers. If the older strippers stay away from a client with a dubious profile, then the rest of them just follow suit.

Revive reboot hustle repeat

Stripping is not an easy job. Long hour on heels, noise pollution,  strobe lights and constant hustling take their toll. Successful strippers can easily teach young stock brokers how to stay healthy and persevere in adverse conditions. Looking good and being in a good mood all the time is not natural. It is something strippers have to learn fast in order to thrive.

Innovation drives the business

Strippers in Ireland and all over the world are able to make a living by promising an image which they can reinvent as needed. While the human body has not changed, the way humans perceive each other changes all the time. Indeed strippers in Ireland are in touch with the latest fashion trends. Simple example: nose rings. Before they became hip, they were part of S&M stripper outfits. We could go on forever, but the essence is simple. You could sell the same services over and over again, as long as the perceived value is higher than the price you offer. And that’s where innovation is everything. Strippers  can create a whole different performance and persona every week. They can surprise the audience and themselves. Or keep the same theme but change the audience.

In any case if strippers can deliver success in stilettos and bare booty then anybody can. And in the words of the Wolf of Wall Street

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”